Estelle Pasquier

Estelle Pasquier

SBV/ASGM Mountain leader

Let's walk to discover nature and mountains together!

Born in Gruyère, at the foot of the Moléson, I grew up with a view of the Fribourg Pre-Alps. My two grandfathers, one a farmer and the other simply in love with the region, opened my eyes to the wonders of the natural world around us. An awareness of the beauty of this landscape, often unnoticed by habit, was passed on to me from an early age. Lausanne will however be my adopted city: since 2013, it is the view of Lake Leman and the Alps that feeds my wonder.

Trained as a psychologist, I took the Swiss Mountain Guides Association (SBV/ASGM) course in 2022-23 to become a mountain leader.

For many years, discovering various regions at a walking pace has been one of my favourite activities. I enjoy walking on the Swiss trails of the Plateau, the Jura, the Pre-Alps and the Alps, sometimes within the Swiss Alpine Club. I also enjoy hiking in other countries (Scotland, Iceland, France, Italy, Mongolia...). Not looking for athletic performance, I wish to understand the environment I'm in and learn more about the flora, fauna, geology and culture of the people who inhabit these landscapes.

My aim is to awaken your curiosity, to make you aware of the environment while sharing moments of conviviality in the beauty that Nature offers us.

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